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Rollergams Hockey Jerseys

Posted by David on 6/25/2013 to Weekly Photo Contest

Hi all

I would like to show you the front view  a "Rollergasm"  hockey jerseys we made for  Robert Timmis  and his Team mates.  They wanted us  to create retro style look, like  turn of the last century's jerseys. The Vancouver Canucks wore something in the  2012 season.  Let me know what you think


Tie and Dye Hockey Jerseys

Posted by David on 6/22/2013 to Weekly Photo Contest

We are real happy with the jerseys! We're getting a lot of complements, even with the tie-die!! LOL  Thanks again. Scott


Reaver Beer League Hockey jerseys

Posted by David on 6/22/2013 to Weekly Photo Contest
Well, here's the team .... too bad, I'm not in it! Somehow our cameraman's photos were blurry. Azlina Ahmad

New Apparel and Sign Online Designer

Posted by David on 6/22/2013 to Company Blog

Hi all in the next few weeks we will be releasing a new custom sports apparel and sign design tool. This design tool will be our forth online tool.  Our other three designers were developed to design unique jerseys for teams. These jersey designers are built Adobe flash.    Even though   thousands of customers have successfully design their own football, hockey and basketball jerseys our website, some customers (particularly those with mobile devises   have experienced compatibility issues because of Abode Flash. Our new designer was developed for desktop and mobile devices. So there show be very few compatibility issues.  It will allows you made more products other than team  uniforms .  Now you will able to customize jackets, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, signs, banners and decals stay tune.  

How to choose the correct size hockey socks

Posted by David on 9/12/2011 to Hockey
Choosing the correct size hockey socks can be challenging/

How do you know what size in football jersey to wear

Posted by Karen Sanders on 11/29/2011
How do you know what size in football jersey to wear. The football jerseys sizing is have numbers like 48, 52, and 60. I normall where a mens medium t-shirt.

How Do I Choose The Best Football Pants

Posted by Gord Murray on 12/3/2011
Choosing the best qaulity  fooball pants depends on a many  factors.  While  your budget is a importnat factor and your level of activity  should be a key factor.

How choose jerseys for a POP Warner Team?

Posted by Jennifer Barnet on 12/3/2011
What steps do I need to make to select the best football uniforms for my Pop Warner team.

How do I Learn to play Touch Football

Posted by kim sunghee on 11/24/2011

Touch football  depends on   the skill of the players, the available playing field, and the purpose of the game, the rules other than the tackling aspect may remain mostly the same or vary considerably from regular


Sports Education

Posted by David on 8/10/2010 to Welcome

Welcome to  Learning Center.  The goal of this blog is to provide our customers with useful sports related articles and  information  on variety of sports.  Articles will organize by the sports categories. The most recent post will displayed on the main blog page. Our blog  will also include videos and links to various sports  related resources on a global and on a community level.