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Oh WOW!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! 

We are super excited to get them in and ship them out to the Marines! My husband says thank you! (He's on skype and read this email from you)
Sylvia Runyon

 Hi, Guys
Finally got your team pictures! I sent you a serious one and a smiling one so you could pick which one went on your website. Thanks again for your help, everyone loves the jerseys and we'll be back for more later on.
Hunter,. Keydets

Lesotho Basketball Jerseys

Hi Elise,

I just thought that you'd like to know that the uniforms you helped me create made it to Lesotho! The team was beyond ecstatic to get them.
The entire village actually came together to have a celebration when they arrived, including the Peace Corps director of the entire country. The club recently won their first competitive game of the season and are holding their first community-building mentoring workshop in the next few weeks. I'm attaching a few pictures, I hope you can read the .tiff format. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Thank you again for all your help in getting this order together. The quality of the uniforms and of your customer service in particular, far exceeded my expectations as well as those of my counterparts in Lesotho.

Take care,

We just received the jerseys and they look amazing. They arrived just in time and everyone loves them. Thanks so much for all your efforts. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone.

-Randy, Stanford University


Dear David,
Beautiful job re-printing Princeton on the front of my 10 jerseys. Thank you. I appreciate your willingness to do so at no charge, but can I meet you half-way, by paying you half the added expense or the corrective action?
Let me know. Thanks again. Dr.Mark Sobel=
Mark don't worry about the additional cost.. consider it a early Christmas present
Hey Dave,

Just thought I'd let you know that we got the jerseys in on Wednesday night and they look great. So thanks for all the help/work.

Have a great weekend.

-Todd Marsh . Crab Tree Hockey

Elise, thanks again for all your help - they were a big hit at the reunion event. -Mary, Austin TX


Hi David,

I received the uniforms Friday morning, thank you! I was nervous because the warehouse only put 1 strip of tape across the top of the box and when UPS brough it, the box was open. The driver thought the tape had stuck to another box and pulled open. Luckilly they are all there :)

I am wondering about prices on a couple other things...

We may be football players for halloween... how much would your least expensive purple football jerseys? We would probably need 11 adult and 3 youth. Please quote blank and also screened with a name & # on the back and a # on the front. Can you also send me a link to the ones you are thinking of. I don't have my Teamworks catalog with me but I know the girls were picky about the sleeves being short. Were not picky... the key is cheap-cheap-cheap :)

Also, I was wondering how much your hoodie sweatshirts are in qty of 20 or so (if you even sell them)...

Thank you!

Gina Lewis Crowley
California Fusion

The Sporting Store Hi, guys we just finishing making some custom baseball jerseys for Pepto Bismol. These baseball jerseys will be worn by Joey Chestnut. He is the reigning world champion hotdog eater. His record is 68 hot dogs. I am feeling sick just thinking about that.. assets/images/peptop-baseball-jersey-front.jpg

Chevery, Quebec River Ladies Hockey Jerseys.

Matt R from Iraq . APO
Elise, I received the jerseys and they look great. The Sharks all want to say thank you. We love the jerseys.
San Diego State University Hockey Jerseys

I will be sending you the information for the Black/White jersey reorder tomorrow to make sure that it is finalized.

I also attached pictures of the jerseys you made so you can use them for your website if you'd like.

Thanks again!

-Mikel Stevens

San Diego State Hockey


Just wanted to let you know that we received the jerseys in and they look great!I want thank you again for time and effort into processing my order.I know it was at bit crazy with the time difference but en the end everything turned out perfect. I will try and spread the word that sporting store is where to buy jerseys.


Jesse Dunn, SSgt USAF


Yesterday i sent in the form below to get a quote on jersey pricing. I know you guys made jerseys for another team in my league, The order was for James Thomas and he was helped by Jennifer. he really recomended this place to get jerseys and i wanted to know if i could get a price quote for the order below.

thank youCarlos silva

Great job on those 55 toyota jerseys. We will chat again next year
I want to thank you for your help with our Jerseys but please thank Jennifer whole-heartedly for all her help in your absence. I don't have her e-mail so please forward this to her. The jerseys are fantastic and they arrived on Thursday, removing all doubt for a nerve-wracking, photo-finish, delivery.

You guys were great and i would love to be put in contact with management some day to discuss some potential sponsorships we can do with the network here.

Frank Nicholas Valbiro
The Zedalza Entertainment Group
Co-Founder and Entrepreneur



I got the shirts this afternoon. They look great. Thank you for all your help on this. The Marine Corps Birthday is on Monday and I wanted the shirts to be able to give to the Marine Corps veterans that I work with. I am sure they will be very pleased.
Again thank you for all your help.


I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for your services. We received our band jerseys yesterday afternoon and couldn't be happier with how they turned out. The logo looks great on it. The kids who didn't order one are very jealous of those who did.

We will be in touch again either next fall or the following to order another batch.

Thanks again and happy holidays!!


Matthew G. Lorenzetti
Director of Bands and Musical Theatre
Linden High School

David, Sorry it took so ling to get you a pic. Thanks again for all the help…


Chris Jack

Fleet Manager

Rusnak BMW
Hi Derick,
You helped me with an order last Tuesday for the Gold Mesh Vests. I received them and everything is great.THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU !!!!
I need to get a copy of the invoice so I can submit to our Little League Treasurer so I can get reimbursed. Kari Howe
Dear Derek,


Hey its Justin Robinson. I got the jerseys today and they look fantastic. Thank you so much for everything; the entire process was extremely easy thanks to you and truly appreciate everything you did, including answering all of my stupid questions!

Again, thank you and it was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to again in the near future.

Sincerely, Justin Robinson

Derek., these shirts are sweet
thanks Al.
Hi, Derek & David

Just a quick note to thank you so much for everything you helped out with on the baseball jersey order. They arrived yesterday (Thursday), and I didn't even think they'd ship out until then. I have been able to get the order completed by the baseball game this evening (even though it's now raining). Thanks so much!

Cyndi Greger
greger graphics
"a natural desire to go beyond the ordinary"

Hi David,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. A badly dislocated arm has me snailing through my emails :)The jerseys are fantastic. Will send you a pic as soon as hopefully after this weekend second game wearing them. They are perfect. Thanks a million again for all your help.

Kind regards Lorne Thompson.


I wanted to give you a heads up that I received the order (the jerseys). I am very impressed with how quickly you guys got those jerseys to me, and how great they look! I am in several sports leagues and I will definitely remember you guys in the future for any additional orders I will be making. Thanks again and please tell everyone great job! Jay

Derek, In Folder From Subject Received
Inbox Derek Quade FW: Team_Nasty_PROOF.pdf 1:52 PM

We absolutely love the jerseys. Everything is perfect. Thanks alot for all your help. We will probaly be doing jerseys next year also. We might switch it up or just keep the same . Andrew
David, thanks again for the wonderful service. The Jersys look great.

You will get me on my Irish number as I had to fly home. I meant to ask what the rough estimation of when the jerseys will reach Wisconsin as I will most likely head back over to Slinger for a long weekend to wrap up business there so I might aswell time it with the arrival of the jerseys so I can bring them home.

John Collins.

Hey Dave

Thanks for everything on the jerseys and socks.They look great.The guys love them.We will get a picture together and send to you guys some time.

Once again I really appreciate all the work you guys have done.

ThanksLeonard Joy

David, I just wanted to thank you again for the jerseys and all your help on them! They were a HIT!


Everyone wore theirs for the party. One picture is my husband and me in our jerseys. One is half of my sales team and managers with their jerseys (having a great time!). And the third picture is a wide angle of the Super Bowl dinner outside under the palm trees in our jerseys. Elizabeth Mack

Hi Derek, Thanks for the update. I’m so excited to see how they turned out. I appreciate your help and have recommended you to a friend who does some graphic work and printing. I’ll let you know once they arrive.

Hi Derek - Happy New Year! I want to thank you once again for all your help and excellent customer service regarding my order for uniforms for our St. Joseph's Boy's and Girl's CYO Basketball teams. As you may recall - I placed the orders this past November (Purchase Order #527832 and 527834). I just wanted to thank you once again and let you know that I have spread the word regarding your website to other teams/organizations in my area as my boys are involved in numerous sports/activities.

Once again Derek - thanks again for all your help!!!!


Pat Clair


Derek I just want to say you are AWESOME!!!! Thanks for everything. I will send you a picture of my team with the new jerseys so you can put on the website if that is ok?




Heya Derek

weyya !!! The shirt arrived yesterday. What can I say I'm speechless. The shirt and stitching goes beyond the word awsome. Please pass on my regards and undying thanks to the seemstress (if i have spelt it right). I am so impressed that I will send you my unmarked Oiler Jersey for naming and numbering, if that is ok. Infact can you send me the cost of customization and postage costs. Also can you let me know if you can use the correct style of lettering for the oilers alternate jersy as it is a different style to the one you have just used. The jersey features the sprocket and spanner with oil drop on the front.
I would be great to hear back and can I take his moment to wish you and your whole team the best wishes for the holiday season and a wonderful new year.

Thanks so much


Customer service was truly exceptional and the website was very user friendly and fun. A great experience overall. It was nice to be able to design my team's jerseys online before ordering. Derek, thanks a lot. Take care Jen B.
David, The jerseys look great. But they were pretty warm.. Thanks Chris Jack
David - just wanted to let you know that the jerseys were presented to players on Labour Day and they were a tremendous hit - a great memento for the season!!! Thank you so much for "moving heaven and earth" to complete this order - it was a huge success.



Will definitely remember you for future orders.



Thanks for the uniforms David. They look good. I really appreciate it. I just want to comment on one thing. What happened to the shorts? Did they start to run out of material or something? (smile) The shorts are small. I got few complaints about them being a little bit snug. They wanted them longer. They are some big boys. But it's okay, though. They got over it. They love the uniforms though, so I just wanted to say Thank you, and I really appreciate your courtesy of keeping me informed. I enjoyed your service.

Truly yours,

. Tamara T. Williams Echo Company, Iraq

The whole process from designing to receiving our jerseys was easy. The delivery was faster than estimated. Would you order again?Yes Damian Contino

Hey Kris. Here is a picture of our team. Check out these "bright" uniforms. We love the jerseys and cannot wait to show them off at the championships! We'll send a picture soon with the TROPHY!!

Take care, Penny

Kris, we really love these jerseys. I will be sending you another order in a few days. We need more jerseys and pants. Plus we need jerseys and t-shirts for our fans. Linda, CEO Texas Titans
Hi, guys great job on the hochey jerseys. They went over very very well at the event in the pub. We need to order 25 more to sell to customers on St Patrict Day. I will send you a check later this week. Thank you Heather, Manager Loafing Leprechaun Irish Pub
Those hockey jerseys are sweet! We skated with them last night and the high school team getting off the ice before us were complementing them big time.

Thanks! I'll be sure to recommend you to some of my buddies.

Tom Gelston
Hi David,
Just got home from work and got jerseys. They are amazing. Excellent work. They are everything we expected and more. We are going to look the part in the IAFL next year. Thanks again for the jerseys. Look forward to doing more business with you guys in the near future. I am going to bed now with a big smile on my face Awesome.
Talk soon,
Kind regards,
John, Tallaght Outlaws, Dublin, Ireland
Kris, Thanks a million. The guys really love these hockey jerseys. I will talk to you next week about some hats.. Mike..
These jerseys rock.. Thanks a lot Ricardo Moran
Hi, Kris, The Ski Trek 2007 Team USA and Team Italy football jerseys turn out out great. Eveyone loves them.. Thanks a million.. Mike
Great job on the Dublin Rebels Football Jerseys. Thank you Marcus
Endicott College Hockey Jerseys. Thanks a lot Coach Wylie.
Hi guys,
Thanks so much for doing my order. Everyone who bought one from me enjoyed them and there are people wanting a second run. I will hope to come back to your company again next year. I do have a question. I explained over the phone that the design came from an Japanese animation series and they have various teams. I was wondering if it possible if you can the design like the pictures I have enclosed. I have no idea if you can pull the design off with screen print. If so, let me know what is required when I submit my order next time. Thank you for answering my question and will see you next year.
James T. Thomas III
David – I wanted to thank you for the superb service you provided to me when I recently purchased 50 Blitz football jerseys. Your service was thorough, competitive, responsive, swift and personal – I will not hesitate to recommend you to other buyers here in the UK. The jerseys spurred us on to win our opening game of the season against the reigning national champions. I have included some pictures…




hanks again – please don’t hesitate to use the above on your testimonial pages Nick Manning. London, UK.


Dear Kristopher,
I wanted to let you know we received the jersey today. Thankyou so much for your help with this. I will be letting any one who will listen how great the response has been from you. I appreciate all you have done I know its difficult being so far away. You have been fantastic:)
Thankyou again,
Laura Lonergan
Nicole: I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. You should. Your company did a great job making them. The groom(uh, me...)
is no. 68(Greenwood), my long-time friend, Chuck, from Raleigh, N.C. is no. 63(Holmes)(He DJ'ed at our reception), my new step-son, Scott, is no. 78(White), and my good friend from Gadsden, AL., Brandon, is no. 75(Greene). That would be really cool if you guys ended up using a pic for your website. I won't mind at all, telling people we know where we got the jerseys from(Hey, free word-of-mouth marketing - the best kind !!!). We're not exactly GQ models, but we do know how to have a good time and throw a "kicker" party. Thanks again for all of your help and for making sure everything arrived ahead of schedule. Please don't hesitate to use this correspondence as a commendation, from one of your customers, for a job done outstandingly. I think your bosses need to know that you handled my concerns with the utmost of care(and I actually got to speak with a real human being instead of a computer voice for a change). Well done, Nicole. You've got my internet-based business for any of my future sporting goods needs. Thanks again !!!
I received the jerseys today in the UK and they look great,once again thanks for your attention. I will be ordering more probably in lots of between 6 -10, some jerseys will be adult size others youth. What is the smallest size you produce? . Based on the small lots what will the individual jersey price be - jersey's will have Spartan logo and numbers on the back.
The Spartans will be wearing their new jerseys on Sunday for their first game of the season.
best regards
I am attaching a couple of photos of the uniforms. We probably could have used a better model, but I think you will get the idea of how they look! The kids and parents love them. Thanks A lot
Regards Steve


My name is James Ramos and I ordered jerseys for my dorm Fisher Hall at the Univsersity of Notre Dame. I just got the shirts today and they are amazing. I can't believe they are done this well and this quickly. Thank you for your great worksmanship and amazing speed. I was wondering if you could send a copy of the bill to me , James Ramos
Hey Nicole...Thank you for everything.. The jerseys are unbelievable and the team couldnt stop wearing them...As a matter of fact, i think imgoing to place an order for alternate color jerseys.. Larry,
"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the speed of your delivery to me (what a surprise) and that I am very satisfied with the quality and price of the jerseys. I have been shopping online for uniforms for a long time and this was the best results I've had. Thanks, Rachel Carmichael"
Those are F*ckin' sweet.! Nice work! I am impressed!
Send me some business cards with the jerseys. I will be sure to have them passed out all over BC
Thanks again to you and the staff.
Mike Rosiak
"Thank you for doing a great job on the jerseys. They look alot better thatnk I expected. The players and fans love them , two thumbs up. Jason Hubner"
"I placed my order online and received my goods in the same week. "
Robert Smith
" Dave, Just wanted to let you know I recieved the jerseys today. They are HOT!!!!!! The team and I appreciate the fast service on the jerseys. They trully are awsome. The whole team agrees with me. They are made with good material and the stiching in unreal. Thanks again for the hook up, and look foward to doing more business with you.
Thanks, Anthony (New York)
East Side Cyclones
Capital District Flag Football League."
"Dave, I just wanted to thank you for all your help. We received our football jerseys last week, and I must say they look fantastic! Everyone loves them. Once again thank you for all your help, and I'll be talking to you next season, when we order another batch. Sincerely,

Lou Formoso
JB&B New York, New York "
Hello Dave,
"Got the jerseys this past weekend. I appreciate the hard work that you and your team put in on them."
"They look and feel very high quality and the guys were very impressed. We are excited about hitting the field this summer sporting our new cool threads - but one problem! - we will now have to raise our game considerably to warrant such fine unis. Oh well. It would be cool to do some t-shirts, beer mugs or ball caps down the road if possible Dean"
Thanks and when you get to Seattle - look me up as I owe you a beer - Eric"
"Hey guys,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say: Wow! I cannot believe how quickly you replied to my message -- on a holiday weekend, no less. "
"Thank you so much. You people are the best example I have seen of excellence in customer service in a good many years. keep up the good work! Jen
"Hello, Just wanted you to know I received my order today and the jersey looks fantastic. I'm very happy, and I'll be using your service again. Thank you very much! Best Regards, Crage Kentz"
"Hi, gang
The jerseys we received were excellent and the best quality and very fast delivery. I highly recommend "The Sporting Store" To see our jerseys, I have attached a link to our teams website. Somewhere in the pictures is our team photo. Thanks a lot. Ken.
"Hey, guys
Just wanted to let you know that the Jersey arrived on Wednesday i. Thanks for all your excellent customer service. I will be spreading the word to the other people that I fish with about your service and prices. Thanks Again. Doug"

Hi, Guys
Everyone at the Housing Corp loves these jerseys.. I eill talk to you next month about doing some basketball jerseys for us.. thank for all you help Guy