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How do you know what size in football jersey to wear

Posted by Karen Sanders on 11/29/2011
 One of the most common questions we are asked  is  "How do you know what size   football jersey to wear".    NFL  football jerseys sizing have numbers like 48, 52, and 60.  But see I sizing such as Small, Med, large, XL and 2XL

Football jerseys   sizes are based on chest size measurement.  So size  48 means   and 48 inch chest.  Many manufacturers have provide their interpretation of cheats in the form of letters.  So it is very important to read each manufacturer’ sizing chart,  in order  to find the correct sizing and measurement.

Many football jerseys are made for pads. So in most cases, you can go down one size if your intention is to use the jersey as casual wear.   But the fact that  football jersey are tapered (a relatively large shoulder compared to a smaller waistline) you may have difficulties fitting the football jersey if you go down a size or two.  Also, most people will not grow taller, they will mostly likely grow wider. So it it is more safe  to get a jersey that is too big than one that is too small.  A really   good rule is to select your jersey based on your  t-shirt size.