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How do I Learn to play Touch Football

Posted by kim sunghee on 11/24/2011
Touch football depends on the skill of the players, the available playing field, and the purpose of the game, the rules other than the tackling aspect may remain mostly the same or vary considerably from regular American football. Touch football can be played by teams as few as two or as many as eleven on each side; usually, games consist of teams of four to seven. Some players elect to were regular athletic shirts or even t-shirt . While other player prefer to dress in jerseys.. touch football jerseys. Positions in touch football is not as formal than its more organized American football. While the players wearing touch football jerseys v follow traditional rules generals, all players will be considered eligible receivers (as in six-man football), and there are usually no running backs or defend perse. Some teams fo not even have a snapper. There are no snapper the quarterback initiates play by holding the football above the line of scrimmage and pulling it backward to mimic a snap.